Acquisition – Find New Clients

Acquisition - Find New Clients #

We designed this type of program to help merchants reach out to people who have never purchased from them before, or at least not after the buyer has joined Tapwise.

Types of Acquisition Programs #

Acquisition programs can be Self-Branded, Co-Branded and Perks.

Self-Branding Acquisition programs #

A Self-Branding Acquisition program indicates a campaign where you only feature your brand attached to one specific cashback offer. This could be something like: “Get up to $30 back on your next purchase”.
When you launch this type of program, it becomes available for appearing on 3rd-party Co-Branding offers, as explained below.

Launching a self-branded program is very easy. It only requires a merchant to input a start and end date, define how much to invest per single customer acquisition, and a lifetime budget. With this approach, Merchants always stay within their budget parameters.

Co-Branding Acquisition programs #

Co-Branding Acquisition programs are very similar to the self-branding, with the only difference that the merchant can offer an extra incentive to new clients, raising the chances of converting them.

Because Tapwise knows where your potential buyers like to shop, we can combine your program with a 3rd-party one that is relevant for the buyer. For example, let’s say we know that a user is very likely to respond well to your program, and we see this person currently likes shopping at Rebel.
Provided that our algorithm output a sufficient Audience Affinity (explained further down) between you and Rebel, we can attach a Rebel’s program to yours. Your offer could sound like this: “Spend $100 at my store and receive 5% cashback, plus an extra $10 on your next purchase at Rebel”.

Co-branding gives an extra punch to programs, making them very desirable for the buyer.
Once again, please remember that Tapwise can read buyers’ transactions, which means we know where they like to buy so we can tailor hyper-personalised programs.

With co-branding offers, a merchant needs to allocate extra budget to the program, as shown on the below image.

Perks Acquisition programs #

Perks programs are specifically designed for all those situations in which the nature of the business does not rely on frequent transactions, such as insurance companies, banks, gyms, telecommunications etc.
In other words, Perks are a fantastic tool to attract new clients and build loyalty by offering rewards on 3rd-parties when other options are limited.
An example of how perks could be used is: “Become a member of our gym and receive $50 cashback on your purchase at Adidas, in-store or online”.