Take the guesswork out of the attribution

Tapwise allows retailers to quantify marketing expenditure for any transaction easily, and to measure competition performance while eliminating wasteful marketing spending to explode ROI.

A typical Tapwise user spends more and returns more frequently. Tapwise advertises directly to customers through your App and website and generates more purchases, repetitive customer visits and positive brand spreading.

There is no technical integration or laborious setup work when orchestrating a campaign. A merchant simply sets a budget and let Tapwise run tailored campaigns based on the retailer’s preferred objectives.
Through getting clear insights into competitors and across other verticals, and track marketing spend on each transaction; retailers can reach the most meaningful audience immediately.

Tapwise provides unparalleled tools to make the most informed marketing decisions. Some are:

Market share analysis to measure where a retailer stands versus his

  • New versus returning customers and other robust metrics to attract new
  • Tailor reward programs for customer segments who haven’t bought in-store before.
  • Create remarketing campaigns to re-engage with customers who haven’t purchased recently.
  • Use competitive data to see how much and how frequently customers spend on other businesses and drive outperforming campaigns.
  • See at what other non-competitive stores customers like to buy and tailor cross-marketing programs they will love: “get an extra 20% cash on your next purchase at JB-HiFi when you buy from our restaurant “.

Tapwise creates a 1:1 relationship with each client and optimises LTV through appropriate, continuous hyper-personal loyalty programs.

Tapwise is an engine fuelled by cash offers, created by retailers within the Tapwise Dashboard, and distributed to the buyers through your App and website.